View halloo! after the fox

8th  Aero blog  is   meant  to allow  a  long  time  writer  to do what he  does best .  Life interests are  always  game and latest ventures into   explorer   mine investments  may be  chronicled  as well.  I only  vouch for that  I myself  feel confident to post…. usually best  or  wild assed  guesses.  I’d NOT quote me  unless  can prove  it  wrong  and  somebody is  liable  to  jump up from behind  a  bush and  yell BOO! or  boo hoo, whichever. AND if  this  wasn’t  more  fun? Have  to invent  it!

Probably  should  add  this Blog   is  entire  life  passing  before my  eyes…. but in slow motion OR PTSD versus  sudden death. May have  just  invented the  VA  a new  therapy. Buy  em a  Blog! 8

So here’s my  blog

for  all who log

to post or info seeking;

or  just  to prey  and  run away

to  boards ;

we  know you’re  peeking!   8


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